Sugarmon Villas

Welcome to Sugarmon, a new luxury vacation rental overlooking the scenic town Soufriere, Saint Lucia. St Lucia is one of the most beautiful and highly visited islands in the Caribbean due to its versatility as both a romantic getaway and being family friendly. Soufriere is home of the island's Pitons, Botanical Gardens, Volcano and Sulphur Springs to name a few!

Sugarmon offers a comfortable environment where you can feel apart of the historic town of Soufriere and explore in comfort. Whether by escaping reality and making Sugarmon your hideway or exploring the island. Sugarmon is an estimated 18 minute walk away from the town's square and central plaza and an estimated 12 minute walk from the Beach Park. There will be plenty of views of the town along your journey to enjoy the town of Soufriere from different points getting to see the scenic town from different perspectives.

Local restaurants, waterfalls, beaches, nature trails and other excursions are all easily accessible from Sugarmon making this the ideal place for integrating into St Lucia.

why should I Choose sugarmon over a hotel?

Airbnbs or vacation homes are becoming increasingly popular due to their flexibility. We allow visitors the option of a budget friendly alternative to persons planning on making Saint Lucia their next holiday destination while still providing a comfortable and luxurious setting with premium amenities! This allows visitors to allocate more of their holiday budget into exploration and excursions along their trip rather than the "same ole, same ole" feeling you sometimes get at a hotel.


What makes Sugarmon Soufriere's Place to be?

Here at Sugarmon we pride ourselves on ensuring everyone feels accommodated by giving personalized service to suit your desires. Located near Soufriere's town center Sugarmon allows easy access to all  Our host provides concierge service to assist you in making your Saint Lucia holiday easy. We will guide you on things to do in Soufriere and keep you updated on Soufriere's events. 


What are some of our services?

At Sugarmon we offer a range of services including:

  • Airport shuttle to make your arrival and departure process seamless and cheaper than an airport taxi. 

  • Private chauffeur for short trips into the town and sites

  • Optional housekeeping service during your stay with a complimentary one for every 7 days stayed.

  • Travel guides along with hassle free arrangements for tours

  • Optional breakfast delivery requests can be arranged.

  • Laundry room facility access

  • Sugarmon representatives are always accessible for any inquiries, requests or challenges.

Our affordable rates allow flexibility on your visit to Saint Lucia allowing you to use Sugarmon as your hub to both relax and connect to other adventures and experiences which await you. So don't hesitate and make Sugarmon your next Soufriere vacation home!